Woebegone Labradors


An AKC Breeder of Merit for Labrador Retrievers in Colorado


Some History:

Our labs are dogs for all seasons, and they enjoy our Colorado mountain trips as well as the family room couch.  Some of our dogs have achieved AKC show championship titles, some have achieved obedience titles, and some have achieved hunting titles.  We even had one dog in Alaska rescue a drowning child.  One of our breedings produced the AKC #1 conformation Labrador Retriever female in the country in 1997.

Woebegone Labradors started in 1984 when we got our first Labrador Retriever.  Our first lab was meant to be a “healing” dog for our youngest daughter.  A smaller breed dog had injured her, and we did not want her to be traumatized by dogs for the rest of her life.  We wanted her to feel the love of a dog that could be trusted.  Our middle child, a daughter, relayed that one of her friends had a Labrador Retriever that was a model family dog.   We researched the temperaments of several breeds,  and decided that a Labrador Retriever was our best bet.  It worked -- our youngest daughter has a special love of dogs, and our son and daughters were immediately bonded with our new lab, Patton.  Patton was an entertainment center for the family!

It was fortunate that we purchased our first Labrador Retriever from a reputable breeder.  It was one of the best family decisions we ever made.  That Labrador lived to be 17 years old.  He brought so much laughter and joy into our household.  He was gentle, had a sense of humor, and he would play with us.  For example:  He would go snow tubing in the mountains with us.  He also earned his AKC hunting title, as well as an obedience title  He was a dog for all seasons.  My children still think of him as their favorite dog.

The love of our first Labrador Retriever took us on a journey, and, as the years went by, we purchased more Labradors from respected breeders.  As for our breeding program, we are not big breeders.  In fact, we seldom breed; and when we do, it is because we believe in the breeding.  Of course, we only breed dogs with proper and certified OFA hip, elbow, and eye clearances.  The puppies are whelped and raised in our home so that they are properly socialized for their new homes.  We are very, very, very selective about the homes in which we place our puppies.  It is a big decision for families to bring puppies into their homes, and commit to caring for those dogs for about 12 years. 

We breed for all-around Labradors who will adapt to their new families’ life styles.   The most important criteria always remains that the dogs will be loved by their families and will give love in return for many years.

We always have our original mission in mind:  To breed for good-looking dogs that are sound of body and mind – dogs that will enhance the lives of their owners by fitting into their lifestyles and becoming an integral part of their families.   We have been long-standing members of the LRCGD, Labrador Club of Greater Denver, since 1984, and we adhere to their code of ethics.

Our love affair with Labrador Retrievers has brought us much happiness and good times.  A bond between a person and a dog is a very special one, and our Labradors have been part of our family for many moons.

“Patton” -- Our First Labrador Retriever

Recognized as an AKC Breeder of Merit

GCH CH Bandalier Alakazam of Woebegone

AKC Champion & 1st Colorado AKC GCH Bronze & Silver Levels

Ranked in AKC 2010’s Top Ten Labrador Retrievers in the Breed Ring

Ranked in AKC’s 2011 & 2012 Top Twenty-Five Labrador in Breed Ring

9th Labrador in the USA to obtain an AKC Bronze GCH Award

12th Labrador Retriever to obtain an AKC Silver GCH Award

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